SRINAGAR: Pakistani Foreign Minister has termed the all-party meeting on Kashmir an inconsequential “public relations exercise”, reports appearing in media said.

“In my view, it was a drama and why was it a drama? Because at best it could be called a public relations exercise but nothing was achieved [from it],” Shah Mohammad Qureshi was quoted by The Dawn telling a press conference.

Shah termed the talks “unsuccessful and pointless” insisting Kashmir is still in search of its identity, autonomy and not accepting demographic restructuring.

“We can clearly analyse from the discourse which has come out that they wish for full fledged restoration of statehood,” Qureshi was quoted saying. Qureshi said the (Kashmir) politicians had gotten no concrete answer on their demands and were instead told that statehood could be restored at an opportune time. “This is very vague. What is an opportune time? Two years have passed and how many more Kashmiri lives will have to be sacrificed?” he questioned.


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