SRINAGAR: In an interesting twist in developments on the other side of the Line of Control, Ali Amin Gandapur, Pakistan’s Kashmir Affairs minister was barred from entering the Kashmir that Pakistan controls. The decision was taken by the Muzaffarabad’s based Election Commission.

Gandapur, according to Geo TV, was restrained by the Commission on July 16. The federal minister’s “speeches are creating law and order problems”, the Commission wrote to the Chief Secretary insisting that it has banned him “from attending rallies and giving speeches”. the region goes to the polls on July 25, Sunday.

Earlier, he was roasted on Twitter by the people for his sexist remarks against Maryam Nawaz in one of his speeches.

Gandapur had dubbed her Dakoo Rani. Besides, he had accused her of getting plastic surgery by misusing the public money. “You [Maryam] have spent Rs 80 million [tax payers] money on surgery. I will unmask your real face before the public by removing [cosmetic surgery],” Gandapur is reported to have said. His crass commentary was condemned by people on social media. The ruling party was accused of misogyny and objectification of women.

Though the crass commentary has helped Maryam Nawaz to get sympathy, people did accuse Sharief’s of playing with the public money. One report appearing in Pakistani media said she was seen campaigning wearing a pair of shoes worth Rs 100 thousand.


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