Panchs, Sarpanchs unintentional agents of New Delhi: Nayeem Khan


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Terming panchs and sarpanchs as “unintentional agents of New Delhi”, senior pro-freedom leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan has expressed apprehensions that the panchayat members may be provided arms on the pattern of Village Defense Committees (VDC’s).

“This may be done so that Kashmiri society will get divided and Kashmiri people will forget the illegal occupation of India over the state,” he said.

Addressing party workers at Baramullah Khan said, “The issue of panches and sarpanches is being taken in such a manner from Srinagar to New Delhi that it has become clear now that India is working on a plan to provide arms to some panches and sarpnaches on the infamous VDC’s pattern so that Kashmiris can be divided more and more”.

“India is working through its local collaborators to divide Kashmiri people since long. Presently Panches and sarpanches are being used to divide Kashmiri society,” he added.

Khan elaborated and said, “These panches and sarpanches have become unintentional agents of India and so called state Government that is why they are being used by police, agencies pro-India political parties and everybody, they are being asked to participate in Government and pro-Indian political events so as to prove these events a success”.

“India wants to divide Kashmiris to the extent that they will have no time to think about Indian occupation and will remain busy in fighting each other,” Khan said.

Nayeem Khan warned that if New Delhi by the help of its local Collaborators succeeded in its plan that will be a repetition of the black Ikhwani age.

“Earlier infamous Ikhwani’s were used by India and pro-Indian politicians and now the preparations are on to use panches and sarpanches,” Khan warned.


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