Pandits throng Tulla Mulla, celebrate Kheer Bhawani

Photo by: Bilal Bhadur
Photo by: Bilal Bhadur

KL Report


Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits Friday thronged to the revered temple at Tula Mula in district Ganderbal on the eve of the Kheer Bhawani Festival.

Amid Vedic chants and the ringing of bells, Pandits paid obeisance at the temple, popularly known as the Mata Kheer Bhawani temple.

As devotees congregated at the temple, situated amid majestic Chinar trees the atmosphere was filled with fervour and brotherhood between Pandits and the local Muslims.

The mela has become a symbol of centuries-old communal harmony and brotherhood as local Muslims make all the arrangements for the devotees.

The Muslims had set up stalls selling flowers and other material for the devotees to offer at the temple.

Walking barefoot and carrying rose petals, the devotees, mostly Kashmiri Pandits, throng the temple every year to pay obeisance while offering milk and kheer (rice-pudding) to the sacred spring within the complex.


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