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Describing PDP-BJP’s ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ as bunch of deception and contradictions, National Conference on Tuesday pooh-poohed Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s tall claim of the alliance being manifestation of conviction and said in fact it is an arrangement of convenience to get glued to power.

The inherent contradictions between the two have surfaced on the very take off day itself, which speak of the contours of governance Jammu and Kashmir is poised to get in days to come, the newly elected National Conference MLAs besides MLCs in a joint statement.

They exploded PDP’s hypocrisy of elisitng public view point over the so-called Common Minimum Programme before entering into alliance with BJP and said in a mad rush to cross the power corridors, however, they forgot their repeated commitments with quite ease. “This is nothing new as foundation of PDP stands on deception and lust for power”, they maintained. In this context they referred to hysteria created by the PDP over commitment from the Centre to revoke Armed Forces Special Powers Act within one year but at end of the day they ended up with a fiasco. They said during the past six years when National Conference pitched for revocation of AFSPA, PDP showed total indifference in a bid to placate their masters and when elections neared they pretended to be its pioneers. “How long will PDP befool the people”, they wondered.

The National Conference legislators tore apart PDP’s political philosophy and said they were so naive about issues that after getting into power they got to know about the relation of Disturbed Areas Act with the enforcement of AFSPA. “A party which vowed not to forge an alliance with BJP unless commitment over revocation of this Act, reconciled with ‘examining the need for denotifying disturbed areas, which may enable the Union Government to take a final view of AFSPA in these areas”, they said and described U-turn over this core issue as desperation for power.

 National Conference legislators asked the PDP to come clear on the issues like Armed Forces Special Powers Act and citizenship rights to West Pakistan Refugees. “This is imperative because of the pretended divergent political thoughts being pursued by the BJP and the PDP, which apparently are poles apart unless there is a hidden common agenda”, they said adding that the two parties should not take the politically sagacious people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh for granted, as they are well placed to read between the lines. They said the ambiguity and contradictions between the two parties, which have surfaced during the past two days, have created fissures in the coalition even before its formal take off. This, they said, will plunge the state to political uncertainty instead of steering it to peace, progress and development, which had been core of governance during the past six years.

The National Conference MLAs and MLCs said that confrontational politics is not conducive for a sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir, more so in a situation where limbs of the same government were working against each other for cross purposes. In this context, they referred to the statements of the Chief Minister immediately after taking over the reins of government in the state and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha today. They said the coalition partners seem to be more interested in scoring point over one another than taking forward the developmental initiatives and sustaining peace.

The National Conference legislators warned that Jammu and Kashmir will not be allowed to become a political laboratory for PDP and BJP to settle their political score. “We will not allow derailing of the peace initiatives and developmental effort which formed the core of Omar Abdullah Government”, they maintained.


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