PDP-BJP Engineering Communal Tension in Rajouri, says NC



National Conference on Wednesday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for engineering circumstances leading to strife and communal tension in Rajouri and said such destructive tendencies have the potential of bringing the State on the brink of chaos and devastation.

NC Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi said the situation in Rajouri is a direct result of a pre-planned motive of the PDP-BJP combine to engineer a communal divide in the region.

“VHP activists who are behind the whole conspiracy of fanning communal fire in Rajouri are moving around freely as the Deputy Chief Minister himself has lauded their antics and given them a carte blanche. Nothing could be more tragic and inappropriate. Does the Deputy Chief Minister not know burning of any flag with Islamic scriptures is an act that would hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community? We expect a more nuanced understanding of religious studies, cultural facts and history from the Deputy Chief Minister. Such patronage to provocative elements by the highest echelons of the State Government is not only unfortunate but also extremely dangerous,” Ruhullah Mehdi said in a statement issued from NC Headquarters in Srinagar.

The NC Chief Spokesperson said the PDP-BJP combine was working under a tacit understanding to divide the State on the basis of religions and regions and then in turn benefit from such ruthless polarization of the people. “What is even sadder is how Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the State’s Chief Minister continues to play second fiddle to the BJP and watches as a mute spectator as the right-wing party and the saffron brigade plant seeds of hatred in the State. PDP’s sell-out to BJP for the sake of power has come at a huge cost to the stability and safety of the State and its people,” he said.

“We condemn the involvement of PDP and BJP in hurting sentiments in Rajouri and creating deliberate provocations that have resulted in a grim situation in the area. We appeal that people maintain calm and also condemn the nefarious designs of PDP, BJP and VHP in creating communal friction in the region.”


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