‘PDP-BJP Government Believes Constant Talks till Desired Results Achieved’



PDP Chief Spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beg Sunday came down heavily on the opposition for being childish and non-serious about issues as serious as Indo-Pak talks, which have immense ramifications for the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Dr Beg said that the reactions that have come-in from the Opposition smack of immaturity and cynicism.

Beg pointed-out, “some ‘vested interests’’ and a well-known Media channel had whipped-up a frenzy and created immense hysteria instead of serving as a medium which would create a conducive atmosphere for the talks to take place. War Mongers as well as ‘Kashmir and Pakistan bashers’ have time and again indulged in creation of an atmosphere of hatred which does not help in any manner whatsoever.”

According to a PDP statement, Beg said, “the Mufti Sayeed led PDP-BJP Government believes constant talks till the desired results are achieved and further underlined that Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had earlier proved that we could live in peace with Pakistan.”

“Even the complex ‘K issue’ was nearly clinched with the emergence of the ‘four point formula’ and the positive developments like opening-up of the Muzafarabad Road and the Poonch Road,” the statement said. “As soon as the arrest of the ‘separatists’ came to the knowledge of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, he immediately ordered their release, strengthening and further showing his commitment and constant stand that ‘talks and talks alone’ is the way-out. Such assertion and commitment is what is needed from a Chief Minister and a leader and it was a pleasant departure from the conduct of the previous government when it had become nearly impossible to keep even the schools and colleges open and Kashmir was constantly subjected to a ‘curfew like’ situation on the diktats of the Union Home Ministry.”

Beg also underlined that the credibility of the institution that had been totally eroded in the previous regime shall now be restored. “Dr Beg advised the opposition to play a positive and constructive role to help build a peaceful atmosphere rather than childishly concentrating on ‘Tennis match’ like scenarios,” the statement added.

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