National Conference on Friday condemned omission of J&K in the list of 98 cities that were announced to be selected in the ‘Smart City Mission” on Wednesday. “The PDP-BJP Common Minimum Program (CMP) clearly stated that the alliance would ensure to included Srinagar and Jammu in the Smart Cities announced. Surprisingly the Union Government has now categorically decided that J&K was entitled to nominate only one city – either Jammu or Srinagar to be included in the list of Smart Cities. This is the latest U-turn by this U-turn Government. Almost every single promise that has been made in the CMP between PDP and BJP has been broken, ridiculed and trashed by the alliance within the first six months of its tenure – and that is as strong an indictment of opportunism and backtracking as one could imagine,” NC state Spokesperson said in a party statement.

“J&K has been told to take a call between Jammu and Srinagar and to also take a relook at the proposal that nominated two cities under the Smart Cities scheme. Now, lo and behold – neither Jammu nor Srinagar has been named in the list announced on Wednesday. This is yet another example of how this State has been robbed of dignity and justice at the hands of an opportunistic alliance which had only one common denominator which is power and power at any cost,” NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson while lashing out at the Mufti Sayeed Government said all political, economic and governance related promised made in the PDP-BJP CMP had turned out to be deliberately perpetuated lies in an effort to pretend that the nexus between the two parties had goals beyond power. “The same U-turn has been enacted when it comes to revocation of AFSPA, the return of Power Projects, opening of LOC routes, dialog with Separatists and dialog between India and Pakistan. It is now evident and clear that the only reason for PDP to sell its ideological pretensions to the BJP was to make Mufti Sayeed the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister’s Office now stands belittled and curtailed as the CM is not even allowed to take decisions without Cabinet Ministers overruling them the next day,” the NC Spokesperson added.

“The PDP-BJP Agenda of the Alliance as aptly described by PDP MP from Baramulla himself was reduced to a ‘mere piece of paper’ as soon as Mufti Sahab attained the CM’s Chair. One can only rue the fate of the State and its people while this unholy, opportunistic alliance continues to be in power. There is no sign of the Rehabilitation of Flood Victims and the alleged ‘Economic Package’ that was expected in J&K was announced in Bihar. So much for the self-proclaimed genius Finance Minister’s assurances,” the NC Spokesperson further added.


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