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Slamming the National Conference leader & minister for CAPD, Chaudhry Ramzan, for ‘abusing’ an upright and honest state government officer, M A Lankar, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), president, Mehbooba Mufti Thursday said this is a new low in the working of Omar Abdullah-led government in the state.

In a statement, she said by resorting to such type of ‘hooliganism’ and ‘highhandedness’ time and again, the National Conference politicians are showcasing their ‘real face’. She said the fact is that the NC leadership has always employed such type of ‘inhuman acts’ and it is not something new. “They (NC politicians) are frustrated and to hide their failures they now want to force the officers to resort to illegal methods to accommodate the ruling party agents,” she said.

Mehbooba said that the ‘assault’ on the officer becomes even more serious as the minister in charge of his department, too, was reportedly present in the meeting and he could not protect his own head of the department. “Such an assault on any government official or for that matter with any citizen is unacceptable but in the case of the modest and upright officer of prone integrity like Mr M A Lanker , it becomes even more shocking,”, she said.

Mehbooba said the ministers in the present government have mostly come into adverse notice for their acts of omission and commission, scams and scandals and misconduct with the officials and ordinary people and today’s incident has rightly sent shockwaves among the administration. Mehbooba said the PDP stands by Lanker and would do everything to uphold his dignity and self respect.

Pertinently, Chief Engineer PHE M A Lankar tendered his resignation early afternoon after he was allegedly ‘abused’ by Ramzan during a meeting at Civil secretariat.


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