PDP, Creation of BJP: NC

KL Desk


Reiterating its claim that autonomy is the only ‘win win’ situation for all he stake holders, National Conference (NC) on Monday said that restoration of autonomy is not any favour for people, but something illegally snatched from people of J&K.

“The demand of restoration of autonomy is not a favour we are asking, its’ something which was snatched from us illegally and we demand what is rightly ours” said NC spokesman Tanvir Sadiq while interacting with various delegations and students from different parts of the valley at the party headquarters, adding “no solution can be reached without the active participation of the NC”

“Autonomy which was approved and accepted on June 26th 2000 is a constitutionally guaranteed document stamped and passed by the two third majority of state legislature and has all the ingredients to become an ultimate panacea between India and Pakistan”, Sadiq added.

Advocating result oriented dialogue, NC spokesman said that the neighbouring  countries must enter into a sustained dialogue and find a permanent solution to the Kashmir problem which is acceptable to all the stake holders and can lead to a lasting peace in the region.

Terming Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)  as creation of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) to divide people, he said,  “when the state legislature discussed the report of the SAC, tabled on April 13, 1999, at the same time the BJP to weaken autonomy, divide the people of Kashmir gave birth to an idea called PDP”, said Sadiq. “Their plan was to introduce a party in the state that can incite regional sentiments, hoodwink the people with false slogans, and weaken autonomy. At that time the only willing anti-Kashmir available was Mufti”, he added.

Claiming that money was used to defeat NC, Sadiq said, “bags full of money was given to ensure NC is defeated, which was corroborated by a Jammu based leader and a leading national daily”

Terming the rejection of autonomy by the then BJP government as the biggest mistake adding to the alienation in Kashmir the NC Spokesman said that “The slogan ‘insaniyat kai dayarain’ was a cruel joke with the people of the state”, “If anything that is offerable, viable, and gettable, it’s only Autonomy” he added.

Sadiq said that it would be for the best interests of the central government to implement the recommendation of the working group. “Leadership across board should show their magnanimity and initiate the process of implementations of the working group,” he said.


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