PDP Downplays Reports Of Infighting And Discontent

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The main opposition People’s Democratic Party Tuesday sought to downplay the reports of infighting and discontent among its members over “unilateral decisions” allegedly being taken by party leadership over issues of significance.

Defending party’s senior leader Muzafar Beig’s comments wherein he had said that he had no knowledge about his party’s decision to boycott the ongoing assembly session, Party’s chief spokesman Nayeem Akhter said, “Kindly don’t try to read too much into this. Muzafar Beig has commented in a very straight forward sense that he was not in Jammu when the boycott decision was taken”.

On reports of discontent in the party against the boycott decision Akhter said, “We have taken a decision which stands and further I don’t want to comment on it”.

On reports of resentment among party members for not being consulted before the party Patron wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking return of Afzal Guru’s body, the Spokesman said: “Mufti sahib’s letter to PM seeking Afzal’s remains was a personal letter I don’t think there was any need to discuss his personal decision with anybody. Mufti sahib is our party leader and whatever he has done in his wisdom, everybody in the party has to respect it”.

Meanwhile rejecting reports of differences among the party members over Mufti Syeed’s letter to Prime Minister, Senior PDP leader Molvi Iftikar Husain Ansari said, “We were aware of the contents of the letter”.

Commenting over Muzafar Beg’s remark about his ignorance regarding boycott decision Ansari said, “Muzafar Beig spoke the truth but unfortunately he has been portrayed in a wrong way. The boycott decision was taken by all of us on the very floor of Assembly and there was nothing pre-planned”.

Talking over Speakers comment that PDP should reconsider its boycott decision Ansari said, “Speaker should have said this when we boycotted. Whatever speaker says, it is only on the instructions given to him”.

“The ruling party does not let anything to happen whether it be discussion over public issues or passing of resolution so why should we be there”. Asked Ansari while talking to KNS

He further added that “the CM does not sit in the assembly often and the Speaker does not know what he has to say, then what is the point being present in the Assembly? He said they would continue to boycott the proceeding of the Assembly.

Commenting over the disallowing of Engineer Rashid’s resolution seeking return of Afzal Guru’s body, Ansari said, “Ruling party was also thinking to pass the resolution but on being rebuffed by the central government NC seems to have dropped the idea”.


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