PDP expresses concern over prevailing cash crunch in J&K

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Friday expressed serious concern over the prevailing financial crisis in the state.

In a statement the party Chief Spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar, said it was saddening to see that the treasuries are running dry badly affecting the people particularly contractors and employees besides impacting work on some key social sector schemes. He said it is not the first time that such a situation has arose in the state but in the past as well the people had to face immense problems on account of the government’s utter failure on the fiscal front. “Shortage of funds at treasuries has become a hallmark of this inefficient government which is least bothered about the people,” he added. He said the bad fiscal scenario has not only affected the contractors and employees only but it has also hit a large number of claimants seeking GP fund, gratuity etc.

Castigating the ruling government for its failure on every front Naeem said it has brought the state to a position where everything is in ruin. Though, for their own pleasures the ruling politicians have no problem of money, but the pensioners, casual labours, seasonal and need based workers are not getting their dues for months together. “These are all signs of bankruptcy,” he said. He said  rot in the system is direct result of the government’s inefficiency as it has not been able to utilize hundreds of crores of rupees as plan allocation from the Central over the last more than five and a half years.  Naeem said work on the genuine projects of public utility has also been suspended citing lack of funds as a reason, but the government agents in the construction business conceive and execute projects in league with government politicians for which funds are provided under table.


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