PDP feeling frustrated by growing popularity of BJP across Kashmir: Altaf Thakur


Bhartiya Janata Party state spokesman Altaf Thakur on Friday lashed out at the PDP president  Mehbooba Mufti for issuing threats and castigating BJP for its drive against corruption in the state stating the PDP is feeling frustrated by the growing popularity of BJP in Kashmir and other two regions of the state.

In a statement issued here, Thakur said BJP is fast spreading its roots in Kashmir as people are widely accepting the party’s vision and pro-development agenda. He said that people are now fully aware of the PDPs politics of deceit and distrust and have decided to teach these parties a big lesson by ostracising them forever and to bring a party with the sole aim of peace and development.

Thakur said that PDP presidents statement that Delhi was playing with the powder keg reflects the frustration of party head and that the fact remains PDP is feeling the heat of growing acceptance of BJP even in its once stronghold districts in South Kashmir where the party always played vote bank politics and development remained a dream. He said BJP is emerging as a strong party as evident by the party’s successful ongoing membership drive where youth,  women and elderly are desperately joining the party across Kashmir.

Thakur said that BJP will ensure that the corruption is rooted out from Jammu and Kashmir and a new era of peace and development ushers in the state under the rule of BJP.

The BJP state spokesman said that the BJP will take its agenda of peace and development to each village of Kashmir and ensure that each citizen lives a life without fear and distress.


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