PDP has lost all moral rights to defend its stupidities: Er Rasheed


Revealing that whatsoever BJP National president Amit Shah has said in Jammu is neither new nor surprising, independent lawmaker MLA Langate Er Rasheed has asked Mehbooba Mufti to show some “shame” and rather getting indulged in futile and useless arguments with BJP, she must offer unconditional apology from the people of the state for giving BJP leaders every opportunity to do things of their interest at a timing of their will and choice.

The spokesman in a statement said that Mehbooba Mufti has lost all the moral rights to criticize BJP and whatsoever she may say to hide her politics of betraying Kashmiris has no takers. Amit Shah’s claims that Jammu and Ladakh were ignored is just aimed at provoking people of Jammu and Ladakh against Kashmiris for the vote bank politics, as to every decision what state government has taken during last three year when BJP was always in the driving seat.

He said that if Amit Shah believes Jammu got ignored he too should offer an apology for betraying the people of Jammu. However, the fact is that the PDP-BJP dispensation left no stone unturned to disgrace and deprives the majority community in the state. While Muslims got killed in Jammu by cow vigilantes and other radical Hindus, nothing except bullets, pellets, and humiliations became the fate of Kashmiris.

He reminded Mehbooba Mufti that she and Late Mufti Mohammad heard none but praised PM Modi and his team, the way one can praise only for angles. He said “The alliance created a fear psychosis among Kashmiris and PDP gave a moral legitimacy to BJP’s agenda. Everyone knows that Mehbooba and her team worked like a rubber stamp and destroyed the self-respect and rights of Kashmiris.  Her justifications and arguments are now of no use but add salt to the injuries of Kashmiris, whom Mehbooba Mufti had outsourced to BJP just for her personal and party benefits.

Rasheed warned BJP leadership not to make J&K a battlefield and launching pad for its mission 2019 and said that suppressing political and human rights of the majority community in J&K will be resisted strongly.


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