PDP has rightly buried its bizarre Self Rule idea: NC


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The National Conference( NC) Sunday said that the PDP’s self rule was meant as eyewash to come to power by befuddling the people and that the party has rightly buried the illusionary document and stopped talking about it since even they have understood that its formulation is bizarre and unreal.

“There is neither merit nor substance to PDP’s illusionary document. It is only the NC’s Autonomy and its agenda that is practical, prudent and germane,” NC Spokesman Tanvir Sadiq said in a statement adding “It factors in all realities and is a win win solution”.

“They stand exposed and It is time that people see through the fancy and frivolous promises of the PDP and align themselves with reality” he added “All this is hogwash. The self rule formulation is as bizarre and surreal as the party itself”

Calling PDP a failed idea of communal forces to divide people the NC spokesman said “the self rule formulation was aimed at exploiting people and creating doubts that it was an alternative to Autonomy in which they have miserably failed” adding “this was and continues to be the premise of both the PDP and its delusional self rule formulation.”

Hitting at Mehbooba Mufti, Tanvir said “the PDP leadership played a scheming role to facilitate the mass exodus of Pandits from valley, put the state to flames during the Amarnath land row, introduced black laws like AFSPA to harass the poor Kashmiri’s  and they talk about being alternative to grand old party like NC.”

Meanwhile reiterating the promise of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to restore sense of security in Kashmiri Pandits who left the Valley two decades ago, Tanvir while hitting back at PDP’s Chief Spokesman said that the NC led government is working towards their rehabilitation, employment avenues, transit and accommodation facilities.

“Dr Sameer Koul is totally ignorant about the happenings in the state and he should check with the facts about how NC is the only party which gave Kashmiri Pandits representation in Cabinet and Legislature all along since its inception, unlike PDP which never considered them as a part of Kashmir” said Tanvir adding “PDP never gave them chance either in the cabinet or in the legislature in their dark rule of 3 years and their spokesman has the audacity of talking about representation”

“NC never believes in hoodwinking people, It is the action that speak. And the action will speak much louder than the words. The Kashmiri Pandits did not leave because of something they heard, they left because of something they faced.

Their sense of security and livelihood was snatched away from them” said Sadiq adding “PDP leadership and their decisions like installation of Jagmohan are glaring reasons for the mass exodus of this community” adding “It was the NC government that enacted the Jammu and Kashmir Migrant Immovable Property (Preservation, Protection and Restraint of Distress Sales) Act 1997 to prevent the distress sale of the properties of the Kashmiri migrants,” he said


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