PDP Lauds its CM for ‘Taking up’ Public Causes



Ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Monday lauded Chief Minister and PDP president, Ms Mehbooba Mufti for taking up the cause of the people where it matters.

“The Chief Minister has been speaking where it really matters and has been constantly making the ‘sensitivity’ and mood of the State known to all, we must appreciate that,” said PDP Chief-Spokesperson, Dr Mehboob Beg.

“To pitch for the people in a forum comprising of the Prime Minister of India as well as the Chief Justice of India, with the world watching, is commendable and laudable,” Beg added.

The former Parliamentarian also praised the “outlook” with which the Chief Minister had started with regard to Governance as well as on the Party front.

“The Chief Minister has made it clear that there will be zero tolerance on corruption and all projects must reach their logical conclusion within specified time frames.

The CM has also directed the bureaucracy and the Party to listen to the grievance of the people and to stay in constant touch with the masses while making it amply clear that ‘to serve the masses’ is the sole motive of the Government,” he said.

Dr Beg also added that all must rise above party lines, support and appreciate the genuineness which the Chief Minister had begun with.


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