PDP lawmaker smacks government over ‘horticulture policy’

Aakash Hassan


Syed Altaf Bukhari

PDP MLA from Amira Kadal constituency Tuesday while speaking on the grants to agriculture production in the state legislature despised the former and incumbent governments for weakening the horticulture sector due to irregularities at different levels.

“No tests are conducted by government on pesticides,” he said.

“Even the testing laboratories available can only test 20 percent products and even that is not being done,” he stated alleging that the substandard pesticides are prevailing in the market.

“I tried several times to take up the matter with the successive governments, but no one listened to me,” he said

He also informed the house that some people in secretariat  have given permission to few selective people to sell “Tree Spray Oil”, when it stands banned by government of India.”

The act is applicable here but why are some companies allowed, he asked.

Raising the issue of “Apple Juice” concentration plants he said that the shelf life of the product produced is just 18 months and after that it turns poisonous.

“However three year old products are being sold by the government,” he alleged.

Taking serious note of the Bukhari’s statement, Deputy Speaker asked for a special report from the government.


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