PDP Leadership Dupe Voters: Omar

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Taking PDP leadership to task for “duping their voters” by remaining absent from the legislature proceedings and denying their constituents the democratic right to be heard in the highest forum of the state, chief minister, Omar Abdullah Saturday asked the people to ensure permanent eviction of PDP legislators from the Legislative Assembly in next general elections.

“PDP leadership love to remain away from Assembly and prefer talking outside of it, they should be given full opportunity of this nature during the six years following general elections,” he said, adding, “they need to be replaced by the persons who are public friends and enthusiastic to serve people meaningfully and making government answerable on all fronts.”

Omar was addressing a large public gathering in north Kashmir after inaugurating a Power Grid Station at Delina.

The chief minister told the people to teach a befitting lesson to PDP legislators including those from Baramulla, Sangrama and Pattan for ignoring their legitimate duty to highlight public grievances in the Legislature and getting relief for them. “These people deserve to be kept out of the legislature business as they themselves prefer this style of functioning,” he said.

Omar said that PDP and its legislators when in power, torpedoed the Resolution brought by MLA Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami and supported by National Conference in the Legislative Assembly for honourable return of youth, who had gone to PoK but had not taken gun to indulged in violence: “PDP denied the youth of Kashmir the chance of return and to live a peaceful life despite raising false slogan of ‘Healing Touch.”

Under the appeasement attitude, Omar told gathering, which is the trait of this party (PDP), its legislators are seen in front row to welcome those returning from PoK.

He also reminded the people of the announcement made by PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayed in Ganderbal as the then chief minister asking gun-wielding youth to surrender saying “your representatives (PDP leadership) have come to the power”.

The chief minister said that all are witness to the miserable treatment these youth got during the tenure of Mufti Mohammad Sayed government. “Not only this, their next of kin and family members were black listed for grant of passports and government employment by the PDP leadership who unfortunately talked about healing touch from the top of their voice,” Omar said.

“His government in real sense soothed their wounds by delisting the families of militants from the black list and providing opportunity of return to those who had not resorted to violence and guns.”

Omar said that PDP leadership only cried hoarse on important issues and raised hollow slogans to appease people. “But it was my government which delivered positively and effectively to provide relief to people and address political and development matters with commitment and without making any noise,” he said.

Maintaining that peace is the key to development and settlement of all issues, Omar said that by the active cooperation of people his government has been able to restore tranquillity in the state and give good-governance. “The achievements of my government on both peace and development fronts are speaking loudly,” he said.

The chief minister also referred to the enactment and implementation of historic Public Service Guarantee Act and said that he has authorized common people to legally demand some 70 public services identified under the Act in a fixed time frame.

“By implementing this Act, a common person cannot be now compelled to grease the palm of government official for getting driving license, revenue papers, building permission, state subject, water supply or power connection, copy of FIR, CID and Police verification for passport and similar scores of such other public services having direct impact on governance,” he told in his address.

The chief minister also referred to Right to Information Act and other initiatives taken by his government to curb corruption at the lower level asking people to take best advantage of these measures and help in making administration free from malpractices and corruption.

“The achievements registered during the last over four years on peace and development front could be further strengthened by strengthening tranquility,” he said.

Omar, who is also Working President of NC asked the workers to reach out all areas in the district and help redressal of public grievances by becoming important link between the government and the people. “The historic measures taken by his government for the betterment of people and the state besides those relating to restoration of peace need to be popularized. You have to reinforce your cadre and make Baramulla fortress of National Conference,” he said.

The chief minister also referred to unemployment crisis and said that besides providing opportunities of service to youth in government sector, steps have also been taken to encourage them to launch their own ventures in private sector and create respectable livelihood for themselves and many of their brethren.

Omar also talked about importance of power generation in the state to make it economically self reliant and help industrialization. “My government has initiated various new projects of power generation besides strengthening HT/LT system and setting up of a network of Grid and Receiving Stations,” he informed.

He said flagging power sector as one of the most important concerns in the development policy is aimed at to keeping pace with the requirement and generation of electricity.

“You are observing present dark power scenario in Pakistan where people have to face power cuts upto 22 hours per day. The important cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are reeling in acute power shortage. I remember, some more than a decade back India was facing power shortage and Pakistan was approached for supply of some 500 MWs to India. An agreement was about to be signed in this regard which could not materialized due to some political reasons. But the position is now vice-versa. Pakistan is at present approaching India to get 500 MWs,” he said.

“This is a lesson for us in Kashmir to focus on the power generation at present and safeguard our future. We are doing this with the same purpose irrespective of having any consideration whether we will be in power at that point in time when these power stations start generating electricity for the benefit of the people.”

The chief minister announced Rs. 3 crores for the construction of Jati Bridge in Baramulla, he announced Rs. 3 crores for land acquisition for the development of Kanispora Vegetable and Fruit Mandi. Omar also announced transfer of 90 kanals of land from Horticulture Department to Fruit Mandi Sopore for development of Truck Terminal and other facilities. He mentioned the positive role of Minister for Horticulture, Raman Bhalla in helping the transfer of land to the Sopore Fruit Mandi.

Chief minister also announced Rs. 2 crore for Hardpora Grid Station. He also gave nod to establishment of Industrial Pak in Baramulla for which he asked the concerned department to identify suitable area for developing a modern industrial park. He also announced Rs. 60 lakh for Botapathri Water Supply Scheme Phase-II.

Omar announced ANM Training Institute to be made functional in the Old Baramulla Hospital besides new Childcare Ward and Gyane Unit in the new District Hospital Baramulla.

Earlier, the chief minister inaugurated Rs. 82.70 crore Grid Station and its feeding 220 kV double circuit Zainkote-Amargarh transmission line at Delina.

With an inauguration of this scheme the net available capacity of transmission in the Northern region of Kashmir will get enhanced from present 160 MWs capacity to 300 MWs. It will help to benefit the whole North Kashmir comprising a population of over 15 lakhs besides supplying power in the area at improved voltage and reliability. It will also relieve Grid Station Zainakote of overloading and augment supply of electricity in parts of Budgam and Srinagar districts as well.

The Zainakote-Amargarh 220 kV Transmission Line is first of its kind in the Valley wherein specially designed multi-circuit towers carrying four circuits of 220 kV Voltage level simultaneously, have been used. The multi circuit towers have been designed with the help of Central Electricity Authority to overcome space constraints in Hunjik (Shariafabad areas).

On the commissioning of this Grid Station and Transmission Line, the receiving stations of 33/11 KV through two number 33 KV Wagura and Delina feeders are Sangrama, Wagura, Khoore, Hardichiloo and Delina.

As an advance action two number 220 kV Line Bays at the Grid Station have been constructed to evacuate tower from upcoming 330 MWs Kishanganga Hydel Power Station.


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