PDP led administration exists for name sake only: Hurriyat (G)


Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani Sunday expressed its deep concern about the reports of deployment of more contingents of army personal in state, saying that “more than seven lakh forces personnel are engaged in killings and employing coercive measures to break our resilience.”

Syed Ali Geelani

“The state affairs are run by New Delhi and its agencies while as PDP led administration exists for name sake only,” said Hurriyat (G) and added that it vindicates our claim that “Delhi and their stooges are in no mode to stop bloodbath, instead providing free hand to their agencies and forces.”

Lashing at state pro-Indian parties and blaming for prevailing mess in state, Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that “they are legitimizing oppression and suppression unleashed by forces and added that these political parties are portraying resistance movement as law and order problem, thus trying to mislead international community.”

Spokesman said that “forces enjoy unbridled powers and impunity and carry killings without any accountability.”

“Youth are disturbed and feeling upset and their social life is tormented by forces and while expressing its deep concern over the presence of forces camps in civilian areas,” spokesman said and added that the establishing military camps in populated areas is becoming a sore and a reason for continuous strain for locals.

Decrying highhandedness, spokesman said that even local police feel insecure and intimidated.

“They are following their sinister designs to change demography status, and “India is relying on its military might and have declared war on civilians in state.”

Statement said that on one hand they are implicating resistance leadership on false and fabricated cases and on the other turning state into a slaughter house.

Hurriyat in its appeal to international community, urged to send fact finding mission to take cognizance and ascertain awful situations in Jammu and Kashmir.



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