‘PDP Provided Space to RSS by Backstabbing the People of Kashmir’, Former CM Azad


Ghulam-Nabi-Azad-Ex-CM-J&KLeader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad blamed PDP for disrespecting the mandate of the people, as it secured votes on the promise to check-mate BJP and keep it out of power in order to safeguard the special status of the State.

Addressing a public meeting at Kupwara today, Senior AICC Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad lashed out at the political opportunism of PDP which surrendered it’s political and ideological stand for the sake of power and thus hoodwinked the electorate during elections on false promises and said that there is nothing common between the two coalition partners except sharing of power.

While describing the policies of the RSS a threat to the “secular fabric of the Nation” and the principle of unity and diversity, which is the basis of the strength of a pluralistic society, Azad blamed the Central Government of dancing to the tunes of RSS.

Azad described the incident at Muzaffar Nagar, Udhampur and Dhadri as most unfortunate which were deliberate attempts to instigate trouble and vitiate the atmosphere of religious harmony and brotherhood in the Country and State, he cautioned the people of the State against the communal and divisive forces and asked them (People) to defeat the nefarious designs in order to maintain the unity and integrity of the State and appealed the people to strengthen the bonds of religious harmony in order to bring about peace for better development and overall progress.

fbe732e0-3d14-42b9-bec0-6924789bf12dAzad blamed PDP for providing space to RSS in the State by backstabbing the innocent people of Kashmir.

Speaking on the occasion JKPCC Chief G. A. Mir said PDP for the sake of coming into power, betrayed the electorates on the pretext of keeping BJP out of power in order to safeguard the Special Status of the State. He said it is the PDP which facilitated the establishment of the RSS in the State.

Accusing PDP for complete sell out, PCC Chief said that despite being opposite to each other PDP BJP entered into coalition to rule the State by ignoring the aspirations of the people, besides leaving aside their ideological differences. The betrayal with the people will prove costly for the PDP and BJP. (KNS)


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