PDP Pulled Down Azad led Coalition for Personal Benefit: Monga



Ghulam Nabi Monga
Ghulam Nabi Monga

Addressing series of Party meetings in Alochi Bagh and Safakadal areas in Srinagar MLC & JKPCC Vice-President G N Monga urged the Party Workers to reach out to the people and get to know the issues confronting them in Srinagar and elsewhere for their resolution, for the fact, Congress Party is “fully committed to address problems” facing people in any region of the State.

Monga told Congress workers to remain steadfast in serving the people to the best of their ability, “as it is the Congress Party alone which has remained highly concerned about the wellbeing of the people and equitable development of all the three regions of the State”, a Congress statement said this evening.

Referring to the forthcoming ULB and Panchayat Elections in the State, Monga stated that Congress Party stands guarantee to strengthening the people in all the three regions and would continue to work for the overall development of the State.

Referring to the   Congress Government led by Ghulam Nabi Azad in the State, Monga said, “had the PDP not pulled down the coalition Government, the developmental scenario of the State would have been different, it was an unfortunate decision on the part of PDP to pull down the Congress Govt for their personal benefit, which has pushed the State decades back on developmental front.”

Describing Present dispensation as “complete failure” Monga said, “both PDP and BJP have betrayed people for the sake of coming into the power, all the promises made by them have fallen flat.”

He said both PDP and BJP hoodwinked the people during their Election Campaign on their respective agenda and ideology with the promise to stop each from coming into power, however, after the results were over both PDP and BJP kept aide their ideology and promises made with the people and entered into alliance for the sake of power.

“Congress Party would continue to fight against discrimination against the people and is fully committed for equitable development of all the three regions of the State,” he added.


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