PDP Rides Social Media to Reach Out to Youth



Waheed Ur Rehman Parra
PDP Youth President, Waheed-Ur-Rehman Para.

In a first of its kind to reach out to youth, the ruling coalition partner, PDP is using social networking sites like Facebook to connect with youth. More than 300 youth from all over the Kashmir valley actively participated and discussed the prevailing situation of the valley on Monday in Srinagar. Recently, the youth wing of the party had put up a message on Facebook inviting youth for solutions to their problems and suggestions for good governance.

“We updated a status asking netizens to reply with name, constituency and phone number whosoever wants to work actively for the public good. And within couple of days, we received almost 700 messages and numerous comments mentioning the same they were asked for,” PDP Youth President Waheed Ur Rehman Para said.

“After compiling the data, every person was contacted and informed with venue and date of the convention. The main agenda was to empower the youth and their ideas be taken seriously,” he added.

Emphasizing the need of involving the youth in building a modern and peaceful Jammu and Kashmir, Para who is also Political Analyst in Chief Minister’s office, said, “the state can come out of its problems of uncertainty and development, only if the younger population is engaged creatively and their talent and energy given a positive direction.”

Wajid Hamid who travelled from Baramulla said, “Youth can be an inspiration to full the lacunae. Government should connect with youth seriously and the change will be visible.” Para said while quoting one of the participants.

Para interacting with youth in Srinagar on Monday.
Para interacting with youth in Srinagar on Monday.

Dr Harshwardan Singh who along with his associates was actively discussing the administrative and political reality of state says, “We have seen Congress, NC tenure and now we want to see PDP’s tenure. The agenda of the present government should be transparency.”

“The PDP is the party of all and though it has in its people friendly agenda and promotion of interests of all sections of the society but youth constitutes the core of the PDP’s programme,” said Para.

Calling upon the youth to ensure change on the ground, Para said the youth have an important role to play to transform the structure and ensure an accountable, transparent system on the ground and added, “PDP is the only party having a youth related policy and the party will carry it forward and implement it.”

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