PDP Stages Walkout against Delay in Release of Funds

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislators Thursday held a strong protest in the Legislative Assembly (LA) against the delay in release of funds for developmental activities and the ‘discriminatory’ approach adopted by the government in granting additionalities.

Raising the issue in the LA during Question Hour, the leader of opposition, Abdul Rehman Veeri expressed concern over the delay in release of funds for various developmental activities in the state. He said the working season is coming to an end in Kashmir and the government is having nothing in coffers to spend. “Because of no fund the development activities in Kashmir have come to a grinding halt. Given the limited working season in Kashmir the government should have been serious about the issue,” Veeri said adding because of the bad policies of this coalition government the state has gone bankrupt.

He said a lot of time has passed since the budget was passed by the assembly but there is yet no plan in place for the state. “They took votes from us and got the budget passed but nothing has been approved by the Centre government till this date. Omar Abdullah government is now resorting to mischievous tactics to mislead the people,” Veeri added.

He said besides taking 400 crore rupees from open market as loan to run the affairs of the state, the treasuries are running dry badly affecting the people particularly contractors and employees besides impacting work on some key social sector schemes. He said thousands of claimants are awaiting payments for months together and treasuries are not passing their bills. He said the NC-led government has brought the state to a position where everything is in ruin. “We don’t know what this government is up to. Rot in the system is direct result of its inefficiency,” he added.

Veeri said it is ironical that only those areas represented by ministers and the legislators of the ruling parties are given preference in the allocation of additionalities. “The government has adopted pick and choose method in the release of additional funds. This is done on pure political considerations and only selected areas are being given preference,” he said. Veeri who was later joined by the other party legislators staged a walkout from the House.


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