PDP Surrenders on Land Bill, BJP Pushes It To Select Committee




Ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday surrendered to its ally’s demands that the bill aimed at making changes to end ambiguity in the twin land laws should go to the select committee. This was despite the fact that NC, Congress and most of other independents were supportive of a vote and willing to pass the draft bill.

The high drama on the bill continued for nearly an hour as various leaders from the across the political class debated the issue. Comrade Yousuf Tarigami explained the house that the bill was aimed at doing away with the ambiguities in the land laws and was not against the jammu region.

Earlier Omar Abdullah said the discord over the bill was the outcome of inexperience in the cabinet. He said it was after the approval of they draft by the cabinet that BJP started understanding its implications.

Altaf Bukhari, PDP former minister supported the vote on the bill saying it is pure democracy and should be upheld.

Sajjad Gani Lone said the idea of getting the bill to the house was purely a democratic exercise.

After the end of the hot debate over the issue when finally Basharat Bukhari, revenue minister spoke he said his idea of getting the bill was not to create discord. He said if the select committee approves the bill, it will be good for the piece of legislation.

Earlier, BJP member R S Pathania spoke on the bill. He said the bill should go to the select committee and it should not be a hush-hush affair. He talked of the issue that the bill is aimed at addressing.


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