PDP Talks Of Democracy But Forgets How They Installed Jagmohan: Nasir

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While reacting back to the PDP Patron’s statement that ‘governments in J&K are made in India’, National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani Monday said in a statement, “It’s amusing to see people on the pay roll of communal forces, whose existence and are remote controlled by a saffron party of Delhi talking about no more made in Delhi government’s.” He added that defeat and rejections has made them act in a frenzied manner and now they are proving disconnected and panicky.Nasir Aslam Wani

While addressing workers at the Party Headquarters, Nasir has said, “Mufti and his PDP should apologize to the people of Kashmir for their wrong doings and for hatching conspiracies to weaken the special status of the state.” He further said, “This party never talked about Kashmir issues when it was in power for fear of losing the chief ministers seat and today they have the audacity to talk about the resolution of Kashmir.”

As per a statement Nasir has alleged, “PDP got a BJP MP from Delhi for the furtherance of their agenda to abolish article 370 which cleared all doubts that PDP is the creation of BJP, RSS and other communal forces.” And added that these unfolding of events exposed Mufti’s desperation in the face of the government’s continued success at all fronts.

“Jaundiced eyes see yellow, this is how PDP looks at the whole scenario. They have neither done anything when they were in government nor ever acted as a responsible opposition” he added.

Accusing PDP of being a bunch of experienced turn coats and liars, National Conference Provincial president said that some people tell lies so often that they lose the ability to tell the difference between the truth and their lies. He added these people are now using cheap theatrics to hoodwink people but added they will miserably fail as they always have.

Reminding them about their conspiracies against Kashmiris, Nasir said “You purchased MLA’s to deliver biggest blow to special status of state” adding “your patron was always involved in hatching conspiracies against National Conference leadership whenever they would press for the resolution of Kashmir issue.”

The NC Provincial president said that for 40 years, PDP patron used to unfold congress flags in every village of the state and now is using the green flag to hoodwink the people adding everybody knows how and who rigged the election. He said people are aware and understands how a party within a span of 3 years got 16 seats while as their patron never won even a Mohalla election earlier.

“These double faced politicians talk about democracy but forget how they installed Jagmohan as the governor of the state only to massacre innocent people in Gawkadal”, Nasir said while adding “PDP and their leaders lost because of their track record.  They took the state to anarchy by burning Kashmir in 2008 and 2010, it has blood of thousands of people on their hands and the youth have not forgotten that.”

“PDP is issue less and consist of people who have based their politics on utter lies and misrepresentation”, he added.



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