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While calling the National Conference (NC) as a ‘movement in itself’, National Conference Provincial President Jammu, Devender Singh Rana Wednesday claimed that the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would disintegrate by year 2014.

He said the NC being a people’s movement has withstood umpteen number of conspiracies in past and continues to be the strongest force in state’s politics.

“NC is the voice of state’s people. PDP will not exist in 2014. It will get divided into three parts as the party is only interested in power”, said the NC Provincial President Wednesday while talking to KNS.

Rana dismissed the notion that PDP as a party was gaining ground in Jammu province. “Where is PDP in Jammu, I can’t see its presence”, he asked. He claimed that the NC will come back into power after 2014 elections.

Lambasting the main opposition party for its statement accusing Omar Abdullah of having weakened the institution of Chief Minister, he said ‘PDP didn’t know the meaning and value of institutions’. “They only know how to destroy institutions.  They are past masters in divisive politics laced with deceit and conspiracy. They murdered democracy in 1984 and then in 1986. They politicized bureaucracy during three years of their power. They tried to divide communities, demolished institutions and did not even leave the institution of the Governor.”, he said adding “They only know how to demolish institutions and destroy democracy for personal gains”.

Rana said autonomy resolution being a document of the state legislature was the only viable solution to Kashmir issue.
“Autonomy is our solution for Kashmir issue, if anyone has a better solution let him come forward with it and then allow people to decide”, he added.

When asked about opposition from the Congress party to the restoration of autonomy to the state, Rana expressed ignorance over the issue.

He dismissed the speculations that there is lack of coordination between the coalition partners in the state government.

“Over last four years, there has been no difference of opinion in any of the cabinet meetings. Coalition is running nicely”, he added

When asked about the possibility of an alliance with the Congress party ahead of 2014 elections, the NC provincial president said the leadership of the party would take a final call on the issue. “It has to be decided by the leadership. As and when I am asked for my opinion by my leadership as the Provincial President of the party, I will give my opinion”
In response to a question regarding his re-nomination to the state Legislative Council, Rana expressed gratitude to the leadership of the party for reposing faith in him. “This is a responsibility that has been entrusted in me and I pray to God for giving me the strength to strengthen the party in the Jammu province. Party workers are the base of a party and I want to give voice to the grass root workers so that they are heard during policy making”, he added.

While commenting on reports in media regarding displeasure among some members of the NC after being left out in nomination to Legislative Council, he said that nobody had expressed displeasure to him. “Ambition in politics is natural and acceptable. Everybody has ambitions has a right to  work towards fulfilling his or her ambitions and nobody should grudge that but that should not be at the cost of discipline”, he added.

Calling establishing of the Panchayat Raj as the biggest achievement of the state government, he said the NC was committed to establishing a three tier panchayat system in the state. “It was a historic step after a period of more than three decades. After the panchayat elections the opposition said they had bagged maximum number of seats of panchs and sarpanchs. MLC elections told us who won and who lost the Panchayat elections”. He said establishment peace in the state and economic resurgence under the present Chief Minister were acknowledged throughout the country.

On the hanging of Muhammad Afzal Guru, he said some issues should be seen through a prism of humanity leaving politics on one side.

“We are humans first and when it is a question of humanity, everything else takes a back seat. I endorse whatever Chief Minister said on the issue”, he added

He rubbished the idea that there was difference in the statements of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and Dr Farooq Abdullah. “Dr Farooq said there was a process which had been followed. He never judged whether it was right or wrong. Where is the difference”, he asked.


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