People Of JK In Favour Of Peace: Altaf Bukhari

SRINAGAR: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Sunday said that Jammu and Kashmir is in dire need of sustained peace for speedy development and prosperity of the region.

He was addressing a party convention in the Karpora Nishat area of Srinagar.

Emphasizing on peace and tranquility in JK, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said, “A sustained peace is of utmost importance for the development of Jammu and Kashmir, and the wellbeing of its people.”

He added, “New Delhi may or may not require a peaceful environment here, but we desperately do need it because the future of our youth is at stake due to the protracted uncertainty and turmoil. Only a peaceful environment can pave a way for a better Jammu and Kashmir.”

Mr. Bukhari said that a long phase of violence and turmoil has left JK incapable of maintaining a sustainable developmental pace.

He said, “Look at the pathetic condition of Srinagar in terms of its developmental deficit. Once upon a time, it was considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but we could not maintain the required pace for its development, over the years, due to the prevailing uncertainty.”

He promised that once the Apni Party gets mandated to form a Govt in JK, it will ensure equivalent and speedy development across the region.

He said, “Our key agenda is to work for Jammu and Kashmir’s development and prosperity, thus, we will ensure a rapid pace of modern infrastructure development here, once we are elected to form a Govt.”


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