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While reacting on the creation of new administrative units and the situation arising out of it, chairman, Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani said that although the administrative changes are a routine and normal practice but he added that this a plan to change the discourse.

“Through these changes India, its agents and their supporters want to change the discourse and divert the attention of people from the reality and seriousness of Kashmir dispute and present the changes as an act of kindness towards the people,” Geelani in a statement said.

He appealed people that they should not ‘neglect there precious sacrifices merely for meager administrative changes and he appealed them (people) to remain away from such activities which will harm our national honor, pride and dignity.’

In a statement issued from his New Delhi’s residence, Geelani said that setting up of Tehsil headquarters or blocks in any village or town will not make any big difference on these areas and can’t solve the basic problem of Kashmiri people. He said that the areas that are granted Tehsils or Blocks will not be provided free electricity, ration or water.

Lashing out at India over its attitude towards Kashmir dispute, separatist leader said, “New-Delhi is busy in looting our precious natural resources and the pro-Indian parties are enjoying powers, salaries and luxurious life to maintain criminal silence,” the statement quoting Geelani said.

He claimed that the developments made by the Kashmiri people from 1947 is the result of their hard work, the potential of natural resources and the taxes which are collected on every possible commodity from the common people. He said that the increase in administrative units in other parts of India which is a necessity due to the increasing population, is never used to change the discourse or as the vote bank politics.

Expressing his distress over the groups of people who make hue and cry and celebrate these minor administrative changes, Geelani said that they are those people who “get benefited from these pro-Indian parties and forget these sacrifices which are daily spilling their hot blood on this soil.”

He said that even though these ‘beneficiaries of pro-Indian parties’ are very few in number, but with the backing of state administration “these people are harming over national identity and are making majority of population as their hostage and for their personnel benefits they are making sellout of our national sacrifices.’


“The Indian Rulers or their stooges have nothing to do with our interests. The authorities in New Delhi are using these types of acts as tools to strengthen the military rule and the National Conference, Congress, PDP and other local Pro-Indian parties are helping them (New-Delhi) in every possible way only to get the power,” the statement said.

He said that even though the ruling collation will try to use these new creations as vote bank politics and election stunt, but there will be no change on ground.

“Whoever is on the chair, whether Omer, Mufti, Congress or even BJP but the state of Jammu and Kashmir is directly ruled by the home ministry of India. Without their consent, Jammu Kashmir government is unable to make even a small decision,” he said.

He further added that the appointment native people as CM’s of Jammu Kashmir by Home Ministry of India is harming the Kashmir cause, because it gets difficult for the outer world to understand the reality of Kashmir that India has forcibly occupied it and the people of Kashmir are struggling against this occupation. He said the world gets the impression that the Kashmiries are ruled by its regional parties and everything is ok there.

Geelani further said that the policy makers in New Delhi if would appoint any other person like Narinder Modhi or Parveen Togadiya as CM of Jammu Kashmir, at least this controversy will end and the world would come to know that the India have colonized Jammu and Kashmir and have snatched the birth right of Kashmiri people with their military might. With reference to the new administrative units Geelani appealed the people to avoid the politics of Tehsils and Blocks and concentrate on real cause and sacrifices. He said that the great nations never get diverted by these lollypops and they will never indulging in such acts which will harm their national interest and dignity.


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