People will again reject ‘sham polls’ commencing from tomorrow: Mirwaiz


Addressing the Friday gathering at historic Jamia Masjid, Hurriyat (M) Conference chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said resistance leadership and the people of Kashmir have time and again rejected every election thrust on them with a view to dilute the disputed nature of Kashmir and strengthen and legitimize rule in J&K.

The spokesman said that government can’t stop people of Kashmir from demanding their legitimate right, the right to self-determination.

Mirwaiz during a Friday sermon on November 16, 2018

Mirwaiz said people of Kashmir will once again reject the sham polls commencing from November 17, in the same way, they outrightly rejected the Urban Local Body polls and send a message to one and all that people of Kashmir reject “farcical” exercises.

Mirwaiz said holding elections has no meaning for in a place where all basic human democratic political and even religious rights of people are trampled are usurped through “military might.”

He said each day military and police cordons are laid in towns and villages where youth are killed, maimed, thrashed or incarcerated homes blasted elderly harassed and placed under detention, even women killed and beaten, leadership arbitrarily caged and put in jails. Where all power and control flows from the barrel of the gun in such a place holding elections is not only meaningless but a mockery.

Mirwaiz said a strange kind of “democracy” is in practice in Kashmir, at the behest of lakhs of state forces present here with unbridled powers given to them and absolute immunity from all accountability. They can barge into any house and kill anybody at their whim and will and or tie a civilian to jeeps as human shields and be rewarded for it!

Mirwaiz said jails within and outside are filled by our young and old who are slapped with draconian PSA for their political conviction while “witch hunt of leadership in fictitious cases is the order of the day”.


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