Peoples Conference stages protest over highway ban


Peoples Conference on Sunday staged a formal protest against the order to ban civilian traffic on National Highway for two days a week and said that this is the most despicable, irrational, undemocratic and senseless diktat ever to have been issued in a republic nation governed by the Constitution.

Peoples Conference stages protest over highway ban

PC candidate for Srinagar Parliament Constituency Irfan Ansari while leading the protests said that by barring the movement of the people of the State two days a week, does the State Administration want to convey that the fundamental rights are not applicable to the State of J&K or that the Administration has the power to suspend these rights at its whim and caprice.

“This shameful order, reminiscent of the totalitarian and despotic era of governance, is bound to turn into a humanitarian disaster as the school children, employees, people connected with trade and business and people in dire need to travel in order to tend their daily needs of survival would not be able to move. This restriction will also have a disastrous effect on the tourism industry in the State when the tourism season has just begun. Practically, the hustle and bustle of life in the State would be in off-mode for these two days,” he said.

Appealing the Government to reconsider this issue and withdraw the order, Irfan said that such draconian orders have no place in civilized nations where rule of law prevails.

“Resorting to such measures send a wrong signal to the entire world that all is not well in the State of J&K and also rebuffs the tall claims of the Government that situation in the State is under control,” he concluded.


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