Perform Or Quit, Omar To Doctors and Nurses

KL Report


Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday admitted the lack of adequate medical facilities in the state, and warned the medics either to perform or quit after two children died due to alleged negligence in a Baramulla hospital.

After inaugurating a medical camp in Jammu, Abdullah said “We are nowhere close to giving proper healthcare to the people of the state.”

Doctors and para-medics were not delivering despite “being provided with latest equipments, generators, training and everything”, he said.

Referring to two infants’s deaths in a Baramulla hospital in north Kashmir, the chief minister said “It is matter of anguish that both the infants died due to cold even though the hospitals have been provided with generators and staff given specialised training.”

“If the doctors and nurses are getting salaries but are not performing their duties, they should leave jobs and not make a joke of the system,” he said.


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