Pesticides Dealers’ Seek On-Time Aggressive Testing

by Sheikh Hilal

SRINAGAR: The Shopian Pesticides Distributors and Dealers’ Association demanded the government to take aggressive and on-time testing of pesticides.

Pesticide association held a meeting in Shopian.

The association appealed Apple Growers to buy pesticides with registered dealers and seek a proper bill of product. Association added that buyers should check the batch number, written on the bill. So that apple grower can legally take action if he would find some defect in his Pesticides.

The Shopian pesticides association held a Meeting in Shopian to regulate the quality of pesticides in markets. Members of pesticide association which include Syed Mohammad Yousuf (president of the association), Shabir Ahmed, Khursheed Ahmed Turay and Ashiq Hussain Charag joined the meeting.



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