Playing field turned into battle field

Adil Manzoor | BA English Literature

It was a weekend, as the day begins with the noon chai then followed up by daily routine. In the evening, I flipped through a book and was feeling boredom , as it was spring, fields were green and the chippring of birds soothes mind. One cannot stop to be locked in room, it looks nature is calling me in gardens.I come out of home and take a path for walk with my mohallah chums. Air impregnante with scent of flowers, refreshed me. The sun shiny but lost its strength and near about to disappear. I met many people on my way to park, paunchy womens and men busy in gossips while on walk, anglers feet dangling in water and fishing poles in hands and my mohallah chaps who were discussing politics . Due to hartals road was rammed. Due to elections kashmir plunge into deeper crises and nowadays it is tipping point in the indian media. Delhi looks stocial due to people’s response towards elections. As we arrive in park, mustered and sit. The scene was aesthetic as green by every side. A view catched my eyes young boys all of same age were playing, running after each other. It looks they have made two teams and more like they were playing robber police. when i come near to them ,unfortunately they were playing different game the game which is very common in Kashmir(stone pelting), one team as police and on the opposite side team of stone Pelters throwing stones at each other and shouting pallets, teargas etc.Even some of the videos having same message has gone viral on social media. These videos and this incident simply defines life of the children’s in the conflict region. The conditions are worsening day by day, if Kashmir issue is not resolved as soon as possible, it will have very crummy affect on future generation. It may lead to deep impressions on every children’s physic and no detergent can rub those scares. Peace cannot be maintained only by masses, government should focus keenly on the Kashmir issue and the objectives made by delegation should be followed up as soon as possible. Otherwise kashmir will again sink in the bloodbath like that of previous year.


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