The Last Lesson Of The Game

Mohammad Sabeel | Green Valley Edu Institute (GVEI)

On one special spring morning, I was riding bicycle back to my home. It was totally indigestible for me to realise that I started off my day losing a football match. And that too when it was my birthday.

At home, everyone pretended as if they do not remember my birthday. Mrs Lone in a furious voice said, “Get ready my boy, we have a lot of work to do today.” All how I responded to her was that I passed her a grin and whispered, “This women is definitely not my mother.” Then I rushed to my father’s room to ask for my birthday present but found no one in his room. “Oh God, I can’t believe it’s happening,” I said. I felt so bad but knew surprise ‘awaits’ to reveal. “I know, you all are hiding it, but it’s really not a good time to play game with me. Oh mother, you can’t redeem your emotions tricking your son,” I cried. “Oh dear son, I don’t want to ask you but are you on drugs.””Drugs! No I mean this is what I was supposed to get on my 16th birthday.” My eyes were penetrating everyone asking to be fetched with greetings, but silence was the taste of atmosphere in the common room. “Oh boy, this adolescence, I am getting mood swings,” I continued. “Well then, you are in a condition my dear son,” said Mr Lone entering the room. “Oh father, at least you can understand my condition,” I said. Mrs Lone advised that I needed a medical check up. All this made me very furious. “What nonsense, leave me alone,” I continued leaving the room.

All of a sudden I fell on the floor of my room. It took me some time to absorb what happened with me. “Good morning, pleasure to see you grounded,” said MrUbaid. I stood up leaning with the wall and said, “Uncle Ubaid. Ahh, glad to see you here. What made you come here?” MrUbaid replied very patiently, “Oh my dear, today is the 16th annual disaster of your life. I wish you a very happy disaster day.””It was a very irrational theory, it’s not an earthquake, is it?” I replied. “Ofcourse not it’s your birthday,” uncle continued. “Ahh, this feeling of pathos is finally neutralised, someone does remember it’s a poor boy’s birthday,” I said. MrUbaid provided me a new football kit as a gift. “Today I lost a match and now it’s over, I don’t want to play soccer any more,” I continued. “What are you talking about, today has just started, it’s 6:00am right now,” uncle replied. I was shocked and whispered, “Was all this a dream.””Did you lost your match while sleeping my dear,” uncle said. “ Apparently yes,” I replied. “ Then it was very much like a nightmare. Come on, fresh up yourself, you will have a great match today,” uncle continued.

When I reached to the common room everyone gave me blessings including my pathetic small sister who always tend to disturb me. “ Ahh, I don’t want to say but happy birthday. Do me a favor, take out happy from it,” she said. “ Didn’t see that coming. It’s like quite before the crazy still thanks a lot,” I replied.

When I started my voyage towards the football ground to play match only one barrier fictionalised me and that was my night vision of losing the match. When I reached in the field, I asked my captain, “ Sir, today I saw a dream that we will loose this match. “ Captain cited a reasonable quote, “ My dear, losing creates chances and chances lead to changes. Only we need to grab one. Moreover there is no loss, there is just a victory and a lesson.” All this lead me to become a passionate football player.


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