SRINAGAR: From the bustling streets of Jammu to the serene landscapes of Sunarwani in Bandipore, the journey of empowerment led by Prime Minister Modi’s policies resonated deeply with individuals like Shaheena.

Shaheena, an entrepreneur from Bandipore, impressed Prime Minister Modi in her virtual interaction on February 20, 2024.

Shaheena, a determined woman with a passion for progress, stood as a beacon of hope amidst the valleys of Kashmir. With an MA in Sociology and a family of seven to support, she embarked on a journey fuelled by resilience and determination.

Having availed a modest loan from NRLM, Shaheena initiated a honey project, symbolising the sweet beginnings of her entrepreneurial venture. As time progressed, her endeavours expanded, encompassing multipurpose initiatives that involved five more women from her self-help group. From rice mills to flour mills, from poultry farms to various other ventures, Shaheena’s empire flourished, transforming her into a lakhpati, a woman of substantial assets.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Jammu served as a testament to the impact of grassroots empowerment. Expressing his elation, he acknowledged the stark contrast between the realities of rural entrepreneurs like Shaheena and the comfort of urban dwellers. “You made it,” he commended her, recognising her indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication.

Shaheena, with a heart full of gratitude, attributed her success to the support of LG Sinha. Yet, her aspirations transcended regional boundaries; she envisioned her products reaching every corner of India. With plans to establish her brand, she aimed to market her produce beyond the confines of Jammu and Kashmir, epitomizing the spirit of inclusivity and enterprise.

PM Modi lands in Jammu at Jammu airport

Praising Shaheena’s parents for their foresight in prioritising her education, PM Modi hailed her as a true entrepreneur. Aap Bilkul Pakay bewpari Ho, he remarked, emphasising the significance of her contribution to rural entrepreneurship. In the realm of Modi Raj, he proclaimed, impossibilities metamorphosed into possibilities, and dreams found fertile ground to flourish.

Shaheena’s journey not only symbolised personal triumph but also served as a guiding light for women across India. With unwavering determination and the unwavering support of visionary leaders, she exemplified the transformative power of empowerment, igniting a ripple effect that resonated far beyond the valleys of Kashmir.

Others who spoke to Modi virtually included Lal Mohammad, a Gujjart from Poonch, whose house was constructed with government funds. He got praise from the Prime Minister for his poetry in praise of India and the Prime Minister.


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