PMSS Again Lands Kashmiri Students in Trouble



The career of 666 students pursuing different courses at Mewar University in Rajasthan under PMSS hangs in balance as state and central government authorities have ‘failed’ to grant their scholarships in past two years.

Chairman, Mewar University Dr Ashok Kumar Gadiya told KNS that under Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for J&K students 666 students from Jammu and Kashmir are enrolled in his institution in different courses. “But authorities have not granted the scholarship money to the university from past two years,” he said, adding that the university has to bearing the expenses on lodging, boarding and tuition fee of these students.

Kumar said that all these students belong to rural areas of the state and are from the underprivileged and poor families. “All these students belong to border areas of J&K and came from poorest of the poor family. In case they leave their study in between for want of funds, this would ruin their career and create serious problems in our University as well in J&K,” he said.

Accusing government for playing with the careers of these students, Gadiya said that University even has been bearing small and books expenses of these students.

Sources said that over 3000 students studying in different universities and colleges of India under PMSS were thrown out of their institutions as the Union Human Resource Ministry has failed to submit their tuition fee and other expenses.

Mewar University chairman, meanwhile, said that despite taking up the issue with the J&K government, HRD ministry, and UGC authorities time by time, “nothing was done so far”.

He said that out of 666 students only 188 were verified twice by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in past two years but their scholarships were not released till date.

Appealing J&K government to take up the issue with HRD ministry, Mewar University chairman said that they would fight for the justice for these students. “These students feel cheated and are going under serious mental pressure. J&K government needs to play its role and save the career of its thousands of students’ studying in different universities of India,” Gadiya said.

Minister for Education, Naeem Akhtar said that government will look into the issue of students enrolled in Mewar University. He, however, said that students should ensure that they are enrolled in authorised and recognised universities.


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