Police Foils Protest March, Arrests Shah , Khan

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Police arrested Freedom Party chief Shabir Ahmad Shah, National Front chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan and others to foil their sit in programme at Pratap Park on Tuesday.

Police arrested the separatist leaders to prevent them from holding a sit-in against alleged human rights violations by the hands of state forces.

“They were arrested when they were proceeding towards Pratarp Park and lodged in Saddar Police Station,” a freedom party spokesman said.

Earlier, Shah was put under house arrest. Khan and other separatist leaders reached his residence to accompany him but they too were not allowed to move out.

“Finally all the leaders decided to march jointly towards Pratap Park and as soon as they came out police took all of them into custody,” the spokesman added.

Freedom Party chief, Shabir Shah had called all the separatist leaders and parties to accompany him in the sit in.

Shah has maintained distance from Hurriyat Conference (M), from some time. After remaining away from some Hurriyat meetings, he was not invited for the last two sittings by Hurriyat (M).

On the other hand, Nayeem Khan is also maintaining a distance from Hurriyat (M).

Sources said that Shah is in contact with a number of separatist leaders and he is all set to form a third separatist amalgam.


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