Police Invoke 1987 MUF case Against Malik, Shifted to Central Jail: JKLF



KL file Image
KL file Image

Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik who was arrested by police a day before was shifted to Srinagar central jail.

Malik was lodged at police station Shergadi. “He was kept without water food and medicine and no one was allowed to keep him. At the evening, he was shifted to central jail Srinagar without taking him to any court or presenting him before any magistrate,” JKLF spokesperson said Sunday evening. “Ironically, he has been arrested for a 29 year old case registered against him during Muslim united front (MUF) Jalsa in 1987.”

JKLF vice-chairperson, Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt, while strongly condemning the “illegal” detention and shifting of Malik to Central Jail and also the reign of “terror” unleashed by police in Maisuma and adjacent areas, has said, “the way police have declared a war against Yasin Malik, his family and whole Maisuma locality shows the level of frustration of rulers and their police.”

“Declaring a war on a locality and unleashing reign of terror on the residents is yet another proof of police hooliganism and this shows that so-called rulers and their authorities are hell bent upon implementing anti–Kashmir and anti-Muslim agenda of their Nagpuri masters,” Adv Bhat said.

“By arresting political rivals, unleashing terror on common people and other methods of suppression are proof of cowardice and anti-Kashmiri approach of these pro-Indian politicians’ and their political parties who can dip to any low for the lust of power and authority,” he added.

“Ms Mehbooba Mufti and her party have been using MUF election rigging card for their politics from a long time. Recently in so-called Kashmir assembly this lady racked up the issue of Indian rigging in 1987 elections and said that if MUF had been given a chance to win conditions in Jammu Kashmir would have been normal. But today this lady has used the same election and a case registered against same MUF to jail JKLF chairman. Yasin Malik has been booked under a 29 year old concocted case in which along with Yasin Malik, Syed Ali Geelani, late Qazi Nisar and late Ghulam Muhammad Shah sahib are also co–accused. Mehbooba Mufti by using same election that she has been declaring rigged to jail Yasin Malik has exposed her hypocritical politics and this has yet again proved the fact that all these pro-India politicians and their parties are deployed only to safeguard Indian interests and that they can go to any extent for grabbing power,” the JKLF statement Bhat as having said.

“If the so-called rulers and their authorities have any shame left, they should instead of caging resistance leaders and activists, find some courage and compete with them on political level,” he said.

Condemning the on-going “police onslaught” against people of Maisuma from last many days, Butt said, “even after arresting Yasin Malik police have not shun its violent approach against Maisuma people.”

He appealed to human rights organizations and civil society to take serious note of this “police oppression and save common people from their wrath”.


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