Police Raffle Draw: Results Out


KL Report


Managers of the raffle draw, the main attraction of the Police Public Mela were announced at Police Sports Stadium Gulshan Ground here this evening. The draw was held in presence of large gathering of men, women and children.

The bumper prize (Swift Dzire Car) with family pack 11 items was won by raffle draw ticket number C-32838.

The first prize (six Nissan Cars) were won by ticket numbers A-30238, B-16950, C-08755, D-57522, E-96948 and F-20779.

2nd prize (six Alto Cars-800) were bagged by ticket numbers A-04997, B-97378, C-03100, D-42413, E-36810 and F-86940.

The 3rd prize (six Nano Cars) were won by ticket numbers A-62939, B-37238, C-62922, D-11755, E-32797 and F-60728.

4th prize (six Motor Cycles) won by A-12523, B-14698, C-81238, D-30172, E-14326 and F-50668.

5th prize (six Scooties) went to ticket numbers A-10402, B-47095, C-35690, D-97259, E-71369 and F-67306.

The 6th prize (six LED CTV 32”) goes to ticket number
A-14288, B-69884, C-92809, D-01005, E-69439 and F-50608.

The 7th prize (six Laptops) goes to ticket numbers
A-77667, B-80778, C-90324, D-02905, E-82292 and F-19602.

The 8th prize (six AC 1.5 Ton) won by ticket numbers A-43606, B-80106, C-33158, D-81453, E-83226 and F-65511.

The 9th prize (six Tabs) were bagged by ticket numbers A-48238, B-04471, C-85293, D-06169, E-55152 and F-25018.

The 10th prize (six Washing Machines) were bagged by ticket numbers A-36370, B-32486, C-68110, D-55523, E-23057 and F-39836.

The 11th Prize, (six cash prizes of Rs.5000/-) goes to tickets numbers of series having 5 digits 92228.

Accordingly 12th prize, (60 Cash prizes of Rs.1000/-) goes to ticket numbers with their last four digits 1238.

Likewise 13th prize (600 cash prizes of Rs.500/-) goes to tickets having last three digits 709.



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