In order to check the violations of different traffic rules police have seized 1303 vehicles and challaned 16272 vehicles in the past two months. It has also launched a weeklong campaign for awareness of traffic rules, a police statement said Saturday evening.

“Police have started this campaign through print, electronic and social media making people aware of traffic rules and regulations,” the statement said.

The drive is aimed to make public aware for obeying  traffic rules by using seat belts, crash helmets, proper documentations, fitness of vehicles, avoiding wrong parking, overloading and over speeding etc.

It has also started a rigorous campaign from last two months against violators of traffic rules and regulations.

Police have seized 1303 vehicle and challaned 16272 vehicles for different traffic offences.

It has also requested the people particularly the drivers and vehicle owners to obey the traffic rules and co-operate with the people for smooth and hassle free movement of traffic on roads.


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