Policies Of Govt Anti People: Hurriyat(M)

KL Report


Hurriyat (M) has said that supplying of spurious drugs to valley wide hospital is a deliberate effort on part of the government to put the lives of patients in great peril.

The APHC spokesman said that the representatives of the government in the department of health have shown extremely irresponsible attitude towards the health care of patients. He said the health department has been turned into a house of corruption by the authorities.

The spokesman said that government has failed at every level to provide basic day-to-day necessities to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that corruption and misappropriation have seeped into government departments rendering them defunct to discharge their duties.

The spokesman said that the services of department of health towards patient health care and providing genuine drugs to the hospitals have always remained questionable. He said that recent expose about the deaths of hundreds of children at the lone children hospital due to spurious drugs and ill-treatment amply demonstrates the wretched condition of this department.

The APHC said the tall claim in the state assembly that Jammu and Kashmir was on the path of prosperity was just a political gimmick to mislead the masses. The real truth, the spokesman said was that government has failed to even provide basic necessities to the people, let alone other things.

The spokesman said the way free licenses have been issued to fake drug companies to provide bogus medicines to hospitals was a cause of real concern. He appealed the humanitarian organizations to take strong notice of the anti-people policies pursued by the government and take action in this regard.


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