Political demurrage and the way ahead

Arshid Malik
The uproar and commotion that marked the latest sessions of the State Legislative Assembly is a blotch on the face of politics in Kashmir. The opposition which is entrusted by a democratically elected setup to play the role of a watchdog has slipped into the slithering slime of mud slinging, dragging the present Chief Minister of the State into it, much to his displeasure. It is, by all measures, the politics of the depressed and the dispossessed. The common man is left speechless.
Generally speaking, there has been a worldwide down slide in the characteristics that define politicians to the extent that all that is worth the spectacle is the personal or party vendettas. Politics has metamorphosed from a discipline to a didactic epitome of human treachery and treason. The media takes great pride in butting out clamorous caricatures of this characteristic debasement to the point that certain publications are dedicated to the very purpose.
By all proportions the meanderings of present age politicians would drive anyone nuts who is trying to attempting to follow politics with precision. Rhyme and reason are blown out of proportion and elsewhere generally extinct down the line when it comes to the flow of political personalities in progression to the advancing stages of human civilization. Politicians, rather than shaping the contours of polity, have turned into a standing requiem to politics.
Politicians are supposed to be good leaders first, though all good leaders cannot and do not turn into politicians. This is something which has fallen out of sync when it comes to current day scheme of things. Nowadays people first become politicians and then strive towards the benchmarks of good leadership. There are no boundaries and goons with interjectory careers make it to parliaments. Could it be that there has been a general de-escalation in the values attached to value systems or is this trait definitively characteristic of the political community? Both arguments may hold some clue or the other to the degenerate state of present day politicians for they are human at the end of the day.
The question that hangs by the grapevine is that if politicians are no better than any of us, as all of us are not leaders, what is the point of keeping them there. By these proportions we might smell a war of the global civil community against the world political community marked by a polarization of interests. The common people want their interests to be safeguarded and the elect community for this purpose is that of the politicians who are apposed more to their own interests than of those who elect them. It is an entangled mesh of complex incertitude which may perhaps mark the eventual demise of political thought and institution, leaving man to the original roadmap to civilization guided by his internal desires and needs, just in case the world survives a political touchdown to a global nuclear holocaust.
Till the point humans manage to put up resistance things will continue to roll. But there is great need to strengthen our resistance – with resistance meaning the action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with and no strings attached.  


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