Kashmir occupies an international status amid the most dominant and brutal conflicts all over the world leaving the masses frustrated vis-à-vis “motivated” for achieving their utopia of freedom. The history of Kashmir’s struggle for freedom has traversed different courses with diverse strategies. Marks of history are still fresh in our minds starting from 1931 massive non-violent protests to 1990’s arm movement translating into action the collective will of the people of Kashmir. The continuous sufferings and plight of this nation was very well lived and culminated by the younger generation with much more zeal and vigor making themselves more conscious of their role in the freedom struggle of Kashmir.

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The post-2008 and 2010 events have altogether taken a new course in the history of Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. Different people representing the struggle at different fronts made it tough for the brutal Indian state to continue their Indianization of Kashmir. In this milieu, Indian state is operating in Kashmir with schemes and policies. One among the testing grounds is the University of Kashmir which is quite replete with the dirty politics played by Indian state in Kashmir. The official ban on any political activity in Kashmir University is only sympathetic towards their own political agents, giving free hand to student political wings like NSUI (Congress), NCSU (NC), PDSU(PDP), PSU( peoples conference) to act clandestinely and now candidly under the patronage of “state puppets”. The praxis of hooliganism can be seen in the recent events of Kashmir university cafeteria where state patronized political activists and president NSUI outburst their obsession of power by thrashing the cafeteria waiter. Leaving aside the matter to be resolved, after two days of this event the president of NSUI kidnapped the two waiters outside the university campus. The waiters tried to flee but the NSUI president and his activists dragged and bundled them in their car. This incident was witnessed by a research scholar and attested by the cafeteria owner who afterwards lodged an FIR in the police station. It is shame on the part of university authorities that they are still delaying the action on such an appalling event.

Whenever university students tried to oppose any unjust or politically motivated agenda, they are either threatened or thrashed about their future. But these threats never demoralized the students regarding their stand and they always remained steadfast on their plunk for justice. It is not only an event but rather clearly manifesting the dynamics of Indian politics in Kashmir and events like that has become the common phenomenon. The university administration is always hypocritical especially when it comes to giving statements for safeguarding the interests of pro-state puppets. If university administration is serious about freedom of expression, then they should not fear from holding election for establishing a student union in Kashmir University.  It is an open secret that Kashmir University is supporting and patronizing the pro-Indian state activities and after such events come up with pity excuses for being an apolitical institution. Ironically, it has become a moment of disgrace and dishonor to the intellectual hub of Kashmir and continues to remain the same until and unless University administration either acknowledge this fact that they are patronizing the pro-Indian state activities or take stern action against the events and activities going under the banner of NSUI and the like minded pro-state political wings active in the campus.

The students of Kashmir University collectively have always stood for truth and justice and continue their support to ideas which are primarily based on the same ideals. We must not fell prey to the whims and double standard hypocrite politics which are levied under the garb of development. Plato has beautifully said to his teacher “Socrates, my master, is my friend but a greater friend is truth”.

The author is a doctoral candidate at university of Kashmir and can be mailed at [email protected]


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