Poor hygiene at LD hospital, Authorities blame attendants for the mess

KL Report


Patients visiting Valley’s maternity, Lal Ded hospital (LD)  Monday accused that they face serious health problems due to poor hygiene and that the patients there are feeling infections threats at large.

Scores of patients while talking to KNS said that there is need for timely intervention so that the patients and attendants could be prevented from the deadly diseases due to the poor hygienic condition.

“Such situation can cause a serious infection to the patients with open wounds,” said an attendant namely Mushtaq Ahmad who was accompanied by his wife for treatment. He further stated that the Post Operative Wards and toilets at the hospital are clogged with filth causing immense inconvenience to the patients and their attendants.

The poor sanitation at the vital  hospital that serves a huge population has evoked strong resentment several sections of people.

Mumtaza from Narbal, who was accompanying her daughter for treatment, said that the poor sanitation at the hospital was exacerbated by filthy toilets.

“Situation is worse in the flush toilets which remain always blocked due to lack of water. It is terrible to be here. One can contract dangerous diseases,” she said.

Meanwhile, Medical superintendent  Dr Mushtaq told KNS that the rush of attendants cause the problem and added that  if people cooperate with the hospital authorities,everything will be all right.


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