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J&K government is paying all energy suppliers but has not been clearing the accounts of its own company – the J&K State Power Development Corporation (SDPC), the government revealed in the state assembly on Monday.

In last ten years, ending March 2016, the government said the PDC has supplied energy worth Rs 4346.74 crore but has paid it only Rs 2676.87 crore. SPDCs all the projects supply entire generation to the state run Power Development Department barring the 900-MW Baglihar which has half of its generation going to manage its debts.

Compared to all other energy suppliers, PDC is cumulatively offering PDD at a much cheaper rate, the documents placed on table in the house suggest.

SPDC run projects have generated 40302.88 lac units of energy in 2015-16, the highest in its history. Nearly two-third of it comes from the main power house, the Baglihar which generated 29533.99 lac units in 2015-16.

J&Ks PDD is a major power purchaser. In 2015-16, it purchased 14583.951 million units which is worth Rs 5293.628 crore. It includes a total supply of 2646.492 million units from SPDC which valued Rs 489.987 crore.

By the end of November 2016, the overall power purchase by the PDD was of the order of 11503.214 million units worth Rs 4538.143 crore. Of this 3512.055 million units were supplied by PDC at a cost of Rs 805.660 crore, the government documents revealed.

Given the fact that most of the hydropower potential in the state stands harnessed by the NHPC, the state is getting 12 percent of power as royalty. In the current fiscal, up to November 2016, the government admitted having received 1154.804 million units of free power from NHPC tat values Rs 212.342 crore at the prevailing market rates.

J&K has harnessed a total of 3263.46 MWs so far, most of which is the property of the NHPC.


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