Presidential order issued after PM signs draft in Tel Aviv

SRINAGAR: President of India Pranab Mukherjee has signed the constitutional amendment order that extends the GST regime to the state. It envisages various safeguards to the state constitution, its right to tax and the Article 370, reports suggest.

File picture: Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the second day of the four-day special session called on the implementation of GST in the state. KL image/ Bilal Bhadur

The order was issued on basis of the draft that the state cabinet approved Wednesday night. The draft approval was taken up after the state assembly adopted a resolution seeking modifications in the basic GST order to suit the J&K.

The draft was approved by Law, Finance and Home ministries before the Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed it in Tel Aviv. Later Thursday night it was signed by President Pranab Mukhrejee.

After the constitution amendment extended to the state in a modified form, the state will move the SGST draft bill that will be approved by the twin houses of the assembly on Thursday. Opposition has decided against attending the sitting.

Once approved, the GST will be implemented in the state Friday night. Saturday will be the first GST day in J&K.

There is a possibility that the state government may place the presidential order on table of the house while moving the SGST bill.

This is for the first time that a constitutional amendment was discussed by the state assembly.


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