PSA on Auqaf Head: ‘Situation Worsening; Nagpur Govt has Started Condemnable Campaign’



Auqaf President Kulgam
Fayaz Ahmad Rather

Senior Hurriyat (g) leader and Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi Thursday condemned the Public safety act (PSA) against many people in the valley including a religious cleric and a 56 year old man.

“While it is condemnable to book a religious cleric for leading Jinaza of a Muslim it is strange that a 56 year old man has been booked on the charges of stone pelting,” she said in a statement issued this evening.

Asiya said, “the puppet government, remote controlled from Nagpur, has started harassing Muslims of the state on different pretexts. Many people have been arrested from different areas of the valley in recent days including a religious cleric, Fayaz Ahmad Rather of Bugam Kulgam, and an aged person besides many innocent youth.”

Condemning the arrest of Rather, Aasiyeh asked, “what crime did he commit by leading the last prayer of a Muslim, this is actually an obligation for a Muslim to participate in the last prayer of departed Muslim and Fayaz Sahab did his religious duty”.

“The government run from Nagpur has started a condemnable campaign of harassing the Muslims of occupied state, especially of the valley, under which the draconian PSA is being slapped on innocent people irrespective of their age. By arresting and booking a religious cleric, just on an obligation that he led the last prayer of Abu Qasim, and a 56 year old man, Ghulam Muhammad Tantray, on the false and fake charges of stone pelting, the RSS sponsored puppet government wants to prove itself more loyal than the king but at the same time such acts explain it further that how bad is the slavery of India for Jammu and Kashmir Muslims.”

“If there is even an iota of truth in the charges levelled against Tantray then it tantamount to the admission by oppressors that those protesting day in and day out against India are not immature and wayward youth, as is blamed by India to undermine these protests, but even mature and older people too are out on streets to see last soldier of India leaving the occupied land,” she said.

Dukhtaran-e-Millat president further said, “the situation of occupied Jammu Kashmir is worsening day by day and there are apprehensions that the oppressors and occupiers will soon start interfering in the basic religious obligations like prayers etc of Muslims which is condemnable and unacceptable.”


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