PSA on Masrat: ‘Mufti Dancing on Tunes of New Delhi’

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Unionist politicians and civil society members Thursday strongly condemned the use of draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) on separatist leader Masrat Alam and demanded that the law should be repealed from the annals of Jammu and Kashmir history.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) State Secretary and legislator Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami told CNS that time and again he has been opposing the application of PSA on political prisoners in Jammu and Kashmir.

“If invoking PSA on Masrat Alam was a dictation from New Delhi, why the State Government obeyed that dictation? The credibility of the State Government is at stake and by invoking draconian PSA, the State Government has proved that it does not believe in ‘healing’ touch,” he said.

Senior Vice President Awami National Conference Muzaffar Ahmed Shah said that PSA is a draconian law and its misuse amounts to human rights violation. Shah said that if the directions for invoking PSA on Masrat Alam have flown from New Delhi then it is a worst thing that one can expect from the present state government. “Coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has always proven fatal for the people and it is in the interest of PDP to sever connections from BJP,” he said.

MLA Khansahab, Hakim Muhammad Yasin said that New Delhi is directly interfering into the State affairs and it shows the present Chief Minister is dancing on the tunes of New Delhi. “What kind of revolution did Masrat Alam brought in Kashmir by raising Pakistan flags. Instead of releasing political prisoners, this government has started arresting them. By indulging in such acts, the government will not get anything, contrary it will destroy the upcoming tourist season,” he said.

Civil Society member Shakil Qalandar said that right from 1947, New Delhi directly monitors the law and order situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that is very unfortunate that State has no say when it comes to law and order problems in Kashmir.

“There is alienation in Kashmir because of the draconian laws that exists in Kashmir. It is bizarre that people are not given a right to express themselves. Such intolerance brings a bad name for India and it is the need of the hour to scrap all the draconian laws from Jammu and Kashmir that people detest the most,” he said and added that slapping on PSA on Masrat Alam will not yield any positive results.

Jammu Kashmir Democratic Forum Chairman Pandit Bushan Bazaz said that the government of India intends to arrest all separatist leaders.

“It is irony that in a democratic set up people are not allowed to express themselves. There is no freedom and rights are being violated,” he said.


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