Radio Kashmir to ‘do away with’ U-Vani

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The U-Vani service of Radio Kashmir will not be aired from June 1, this year as an order issued by Director All India Radio intimated Director Radio Kashmir to stop its transmission by the beginning of next month.

U-Vani service of Radio Kashmir, Srinagar which is being transmitted on short wave particularly targets youth community and highlights its issues and problems. The new order issued by the All India Radio has made the budding writers and Radio artists perturbed, accusing they have been left jobless by the authorities.

According to the reports received by KNS, after the order of stoping U-Vani was issued, major reshuffle in the administration within Radio Kashmir has started with most of the senior producers being transferred from one section to other.

Director Radio Kashmir Dr Rukhsana Jabeen, when contacted, confirmed the reports, stating that Radio Kashmir didn’t argue much about it but asked for the alternatives from All India Radio so that youth related programs would continue to get broadcasted. “We asked for the extension in the transmission from 6 p.m to 10.30 pm but only two hours were approved, one in morning and one in evening. Later we asked for two hours in the evening and the same has been approved,” she said.

She stated that now the youth related programs shall be broadcast daily on FM 103.5 from 6 p.m to 7 p.m. “7-8 will be the primary relay including Sheharbeen and NEWS and from 8 p.m to 9 p.m, the youth related programs shall be aired.

Over the grievances of youth writers and announcers complaining that they have been left unemployed, Director DDK stated that among the U-Vani writers and announcers also those will be accommodated who could write and speak according to the FM format. “Earlier in U-Vani we could have undermined the mistakes but now, the writers and hosts will have to adopt the FM pattern.”

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