Ram Madhav endorses Amit Shah’s statement on Kashmir


Endorsing Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement, Ram Madhav, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) national general secretary on Saturday said that Article 370 which provides special status to Jammu and Kashmir has to go lock stock and barrel.

“As far as 370 is concerned, our ideological commitment is well known. Article 370 has to go lock stock and barrel as the Home Minister (Amit Shah) clearly mentioned yesterday (in Parliament),” news agency ANI quoted Madhav as having said.

“Our government is committed to resolving all outstanding issue in Kashmir. We are moving in that direction,” he said, adding that the article was a temporary provision. “When it was introduced by former PM Nehru, he himself had said that it was temporary and would erode on its own,” Madhav was quoted by news agency ANI.

“Whatever Amit Shah said y’day in Parl is historical truth.The problem in Kashmir is the creation of policies of 1st govt of independent India under Nehru ji. It gave birth to the demand of separate status for J&K. Congress must own responsibility for trouble in J&K,” ANI quoted Madhav as having said.

“Ram Madhav on Congress blaming BJP-PDP alliance for situation in Kashmir: BJP alliance was in power for 2.5 yrs, it’s Congress which through its alliances or through its proxies ruled states for decades & it was they who were responsible for every trouble you see in Kashmir today,” Madhav was quoted as having said by news agency ANI.


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